Some shots from Aranmula Boat Race.

Boat race or vallom kali.

These are some shots from Aranmula Boatrace.

Boatrace is the game in which there are largest number

of members in a single team.Thus the game is in Guinness records.

Heat is on

So long chundan vallom
On to the ground
Gaming - The huge crowd is enjoying.
Aranmula temple
Hoseboats and chundan vallom
A new racer

Some village shots.Roads,rails...

Road and river
Mountain and road
Lake and road
Cloud are getting harder

Some more keralite flowers.

A rose bud

A cluster of tiny flowers
An orchid
Yellow infloresence
Super shot.

Lakes,rivers and valleys.

A wterfall amidst a valley.
A superb forest lake. Excellent scenary.
Green everywhere
A marshy puncha
Awesome - Keranirakal aadum oru haritha chaaru theeram
Wide lake
A super oda. Slender lake
A rocky lake. Water splashing.
A valley in foggy day.
The same one now clear
Green water?

Onam Series_Athapookalam Designs

Onam is a festival of keralites.
During onam they make flower decorations in front of houses.
These decorations are called Athapookalams.
The name came from the words "Atham","Poo" and "Kalam".
Atham is a malayalam star sign.It's from atham to thiruvonam,
these pookalams are made. Poo in flower. And kalam box or square.
Many residents associations and clubs conduct pokalam contests.
These large flower mats are made during these competitions.