Athirapally Waterfalls.

Athirapally is the land of rivers and forests and great waterfalls!The destination houses the  largest waterfall in Kerala, the Athirapally waterfall,a major tourist attraction. This patch in Sholayar ranges so beautifully intertwined with lush green forest cover and sizzling silver cascades and located central to Cochin and River Nila(Bharathapuzha),is a treat for the eyes during the monsoon.Swollen Chalakkudy river, Charpa, Vazhachal and Athirapally are ideal places where the monsoon is to be enjoyed. 

Peechi dam and it's surroundings.

Peechi is a village situated 22 km away fromTrichur town in Kerala, India, and is famous for its dam and wild life sanctuary. Kerala Forest Research Institute(KFRI) situated in the this village. Peechi dam was constructed primarily to cater the drinking water needs of the population of Thrissurtown. In addition it also serves as an irrigation dam, reaching out to the paddy fields in and around Thrissur. Although devoid of visitors on most of the times of the year, the monsoon season often put the place on the tourist map, mainly for the majestic views offered by the open shutters of the fully filled reservoir.

Thanks to Dracula kuttappan of punchapaadam.